How badass women used fashion to empower themselves

Looking back at the Bohemian movement in the 30's and 40's, I noticed that a lot of women started wearing "Men's clothes". I think it's important to note that wearing pants was unacceptable then. In fact, when I was in grade school we were not allowed to wear pants to school, so it is not so long ago that we were put in our place with the clothing we were allowed to wear. I remember, feeling awkward on the monkey bars wearing a dress.

The status quo for so long has been keeping women "small". Both figuratively and physically. We've spent centuries being told to be small, not only in our waistlines but also in our presence. It is the women of the bohemian era that started to be defiant of the norms of being strapped in a girdle and teetering on high heels unable to to move around with the powerful grace that men got to experience. I think the women knew how powerful they could be by not only having the courage to do great things but to step into the world free from those corsets that bound them into small, frail girls that needed men to approve of them.   

Part of becoming powerful is being able to present ourselves as authentic and free as we would want to be.

Here is my grandmother dressing like a "man" - wearing her hair short and natural, Men's jacket and ascot "smoking".

Movie stars such as Marlene Dietrich and Katherine Hepburn wore pants when it truly made a statement. Here are some pictures of Marlene.

It's nice to know that now we have the freedom to wear any clothes we would like, however, we all know that whatever we wear really makes a statement about who we are as a person. Aside from calling out our beliefs with words on a sweatshirt for example everything about our outfit says something about who we are.

When we show up having put some effort into our looks it says that. If we show up not putting effort in to our look it says that as well. When we dress with individuality it shows we are not afraid to show who we are. If we're scared to stand out or unsure of what we are "supposed to be wearing" it is safe to wear what everyone else is wearing, which is fine and perfectly acceptable.

What kind of person are you? Do you want to show your true self to the world or stay in your comfort zone of blending into whatever other people are doing?

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