How my passion lead me to my healing

After I decided to make only what I wanted to make is when I found my healing. I was in a place where there was no option for me. I had to step up and create from my heart. People were attracted to that and they validated me. I then started creating clothes that people wore to special events where they wanted to stand out.

 Sunshine Powers from  Love on Haight  asked me to collaborate with her and her tie dye artists. We have been making tie dye coats for years now which people wear to Festivals, special events and Burningman.


Last year, I started thinking, here I am making all these coats that people wear to Burningman, yet I have never been there. I then decided that I needed to go. I put it out there and was invited to go. While there, I was able to experience some really powerful healing workshops, have some fun and be myself! This is when i realized it. My passion for creating fashion from my heart led me to heal my heart. It is when we listen to out intuition and honor our true selves that we find freedom in the heart. When I finally stopped doing what I thought I "should do" and started listening to my own feelings and honoring them as valid is when I became free.

Here's some of the coats I've made for Love on Haight!



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