Fresh Start, New beginnings, Spring- Summer 2021

As I become hopeful for a fresh start and new beginnings I'm  creating my new Collection❤️. I'm thinking about english gardens and The Tuileries garden in Paris. I'm thinking of them with a Vintage flair, thinking of a time when people took a day off on Sunday to go to the park and be with their families. I think about the artists who painted there. So for one of my theme's I'm channeling vintage style gardens.
Vintage flowers
I'm putting together this floral  stretch twill cotton fabric and lining it in this 60's style carnaby print. For my signature fur trim coat I will use Latte faux fur.
Natural embossed coconut buttons feel good here. 
This  coat will be easy to wear casual with jeans or throw over a soft floral dress
Vintage floral Paris coat 
I'm introducing a new body style this season. The Blazer. This blazer is fitted and has the tailored sleeves with interesting Lapel. The Blazer in this vintage style floral print goes perfect over jeans or a flowey skirt, dress or cute shorts!
Another Theme I'm working on is inspired by the Art Deco Era. The time of the Great Gatsby.  A time of decadence and casual elegance . Love this beautiful cotton corduroy I found. It's so very soft, and  fine wale quality. Like all of my featured fabrics here ,this is leftover fabric from another Designer and I'm very excited use it here.
The printed corduroy will  be awesome in my long coat. I'm adding a tie belt this season and trimming it in my brown crushed faux fur rabbit. The lining is a brown and beige dot. So elegant a new kind of smoking jacket inspiration here
I'm also planning to cut the new blazer and a high waisted pant in the print. This is where you can really get noticed. I'm channeling the boldness of the 60's here.
For my third  theme I'm channeling the african savannah. The beautiful animals. I love animal prints, so great, always. I found a beautiful printed Zebra on cotton twill. To go with this theme I'm using a hand loomed looking tapestry fabric with chunky african inspired pattern. This will make  an awesome coat for all Seasons!
The Zebra coat will be lined with my silk butterfly print fabric. I'll trim with faux Mogolian lamb to make it feel so luxurious ❤️🤎🧡💛💚🖤
Zebra coat
The jacket in Zebra will have solid black lapels and pockets. it will be offered with with stretch twill textured high waisted pants. Great for meetings or night out
For the tapestry coat which is just everyday everywhere really. You can dress up with a black dress or black pants to go out and also wear it with your favorite jeans and sneakers. It's going to be soooo good
Tapestry coat
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I recently bought one of your jackets from love on haight in SF and I seen very similar ones on your website for literally HALF the price and I was just wondering if I got price gouged or if they are REALLY $1100 in the store and $495 on your website because I honestly LOVE LOVE LOVE the coat but I feel really taken advantage of if they charged me that much for what you have available to order on your website for so much less? Please advise. Thank you so much I am trying a fan of your work and would love something else to promote!

Remy October 27, 2021

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