Am I really doing a LIVE SHOW????

Am "I" really doing a Live show,? I'm asking myself. When I first started to create my collection I was totally comfortable in the creation and making what I felt passionate about. It was the selling and putting myself out there that was scary. I knew that my product was exciting, new and different than what's out there. Telling people about it was easy because I had a lot to say about it. The coats I create have meaning to me and reason for being so the explaining and showing is easy for me. However, when I started posting on social media and getting advice from some marketing experts I was told that I needed to do videos of myself and eventually Live events. I said to myself," I will never do that. "


Thanks to my best friend, Robin I was able to start with modeling and then videos. It was her coaching and excitement that helped get through that feeling of shame and awkwardness. I've never really been the smiling type, I guess I took after my dad, the brooding artist. I always thought my work would speak for itself, but in today's world that is not true. No one can really do it for you. 

 So it's been a journey for me, in so many ways. Not only am I able to put myself out there but I have experienced a real self confidence that I've never really had in this way. This has been a very uplifting and miraculous experience. 

When I took on the job as tailor/fitter at Nordstrom 6 years ago I was able to really uncover my talent and ability to work directly with my customers. This has been a huge part in my growth as a "Sales Person". I've been lucky to learn from some really talented people. Although this part of my persona has not come easy or natural to me I'm now feeling that I'm ready to go LIVE!!!!

When Angel from contacted me about being in their beta testing group of founding hosts I felt like I was ready to take the plunge into live selling. They have been so helpful in getting me ready, technically, as well as having great ideas for presenting my product. 

So it is with great pleasure to announce that I am now all set up to do my live shows on! I will be announcing my shows on Instagram @philineofsanfrancisco and Facebook and hope to see you at my show! This will be a chance for us to get to know each other and for you to see my space and ask me any questions about my product, the process and or anything else!  See you there!

Link for my channel is > PhilineSF on

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