Studies show... when you dress up you feel up!

Ever heard the saying, "dress the for the job you want, not the job you have"? Well, the same is true for when you want to feel, glamorous, powerful, special, authentic or unique.
I know for myself, there is a direct correlation of how I actually "feel about my self" and how I show up.  When I put on something glam, I feel Glam. When I put on something unique and special I feel unique and special. When I wear some thing bold, I feel bold! So, remember that before you go back out into the world!
When you're ready to feel glamorous, putting on a coat lined in silk with soft faux fur trim and a dramatic collar can really do it!


When you would like to feel special in your own kitchen try wearing something totally fun!


When you want to feel powerful, be bold

Feel authentic when you want to stand out!


Check out the research below!







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